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  • Hasan Zahangir


Hasan is for Woman's Rights

Eliminate Anti-choice Restrictions

  • Woman’s health matters not only to herself, but her family and loved ones. It also matters to the local government and state budgets. As legislators are working with tight budgets and changing different healthcare laws, this can impact women's needs and future. If these needs are not addressed properly, Florida loses important opportunities to improve the health of it's residents, community and establishing goals in creating a healthier society.

  • Florida's legal structure have now increased limited access to abortion. These new laws put into place have totally change ones pregnancy moving forward. The limiting of time a mother has to make sure her child is healthy has been drastically reduced with the new laws put into place. Restricting women’s access to safe and legal abortion services has important negative mental and health implications. The need to support women in their efforts to better integrate their reproductive and professional roles and responsibilities should not be restricted.

Advocate for Planned Parenthood Funding

  • Founded over 100 years ago on the the idea that women have the right to access the care and information they need to live strong, healthy lives, Planned Parenthood is fighting a tough battle to help women access sexual health care and defend reproductive rights. Local government should be working with Planned Parenthood on their goal to create the healthiest generation ever.

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